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Cardinale Dentistry Helps You Sleep Soundly!

One of our amazing Cardinale Dentistry patients, April, recently came in for her adjustment on her snore appliance. She gave us permission to share her story!

"I have been dealing with allergies for some time.  Although I am on allergy medications, I still suffer. At night, I snore and  have found it necessary to move to the guest bedroom so I won't interrupt my husband's sleep.

While looking at Dr. Cardinale's website, I saw information on snore prevention. I called Dr. Cardinale's office right away for an appointment to ask if I would be a candidate for the Silent Nite Appliance (mandibular advancement device).  Dr. Cardinale highly recommended it for me; he offered payment options that met my budget. I now am sleeping soundly with my husband every night.  My thanks to Dr. Cardinale and his staff!"

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